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Romantic Love stories Collection (Today's story - secret)

Today's story - secret

It is very important to reach Siliguri tomorrow on a business related matter. But when he arrived at the long-distance bus stop on the Esplanade, he discovered that there was not a single empty seat on the last rocket bus to Siliguri, and there were only five minutes left before the last rocket bus left. If Priyabrata sits with his head in his hands, he will miss out on the new contract. I walk now! At that very moment, a beautiful twenty-four or twenty-five-year-old young woman appeared in the role of savior.

When the girl arrived in front of the ticket return counter, she went to work and said, "Look, my name is Manisha Majumder. My husband Deepak is stuck here on urgent business and he can't go to Siliguri." So she has to get the ticket back from her. Last minute ticket refund? When the reservation clerk Ramen Khastgir hesitated a bit, he suddenly looked at the counter as soon as he remembered Priyabrata. Seeing Priyabrata, he shouted, “Sir, this is the listening lord. Didn't you want a ticket to Siliguri a little while ago? It's over. Take the ticket with the rent money.

Hearing the name of the ticket, Priyabrata ran away with a gnashing of teeth, but the ticket belonged to another gentleman, being returned, but his wife was leaving. Priyabrata's objection is here, the girl will be next to her on the bus all night. There is a saying, 'Women are forbidden the way!' So she can't think what to do.

Seeing him hesitate, the reservation clerk said in an awkward voice, "Okay, if you don't take it, I'll give the ticket to another willing passenger." Another traveler wants to say that Manisha freaks out when she sees a lake marked by forty-year-old bulls. This time she looks at her beloved with helpless eyes, it is very important that you go to Siliguri today. So why don't you go? Pausing here, the girl said again, "Okay, even if the ticket price goes up on the bus. Come with me now. The bus will leave now."

Before Priyabrata could object, Manisha grabbed his hand and forcibly dragged him to the bus. Two-seater seats. The girl sits by the window and she sits by the window inviting Priyabrata!

“How much is your ticket worth?

"Hey, she's not going to run away. He's been lying in front of us all night. Who knows what magic was in the girl, this time she couldn't object anywhere."

The rocket left the bus at nine o'clock.

Nine o'clock at night, the road is almost empty. The rocket bus, at rocket speed, accelerated towards its destination. The speed of the bus doubled as soon as it reached Faka BT Road. As soon as the traffic light in front of the Dunlop Bridge suddenly turned red, the bus driver slammed on the brakes and the passengers ran towards him and fell on his neck.

Meanwhile, Priyabrata and Manisha's condition is the same. Manisha is trembling holding her beloved's neck with both hands. The bite of her breast fell on the breast of her beloved. No one knows how long they were involved.

One of the children in the back seat commented, "Grandpa, do you like it very much?"

Priyabrata is unwilling to respond to such a naive comment. Instead, he indiscriminately told Manisha, "Hey, drop it now." The bus passengers are looking....Look! Manisha hugs Priyabrata tighter and says with hypocritical arrogance, I feel the impact of the bus and are you kidding? No, don't listen to them.

Hearing that she was injured, Priyabrata felt a little love for the girl. So she leaned into Manisha's face and asked in a whisper, where is she?

Here, Manisha grabbed Priyabrata's right hand and pressed it between her breasts, but she didn't want to leave.

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Priyabrata swallowed in panic. Then the bus began to run at rocket speed again. Meanwhile, the bus passengers went back to sleep as before. Priyabrata breathed a sigh of relief. When they saw the scene in such a magazine, they were no longer safe. There were only two lights on the bus, one in front of the door and one just behind his seat. Despite her low power, the girl's face was very clear. The other seats were almost sunken in darkness, with the added benefit of not being able to see other passengers from a distance.

However, there is no need to be careful, when Priyabrata tried to lift her hand from the girl's chest, Manisha pressed it hard and felt it on her soft breast like a bird. braheen book. The girl's health is very good. With the pressure of her huge chest on her, it seemed like her blouse didn't burst. Batam blouse in the front. The top bouts featured two cutaways, for easy access to the higher frets. She was hesitant, so Manisha grabbed her hand and said indistinctly as she tried to get both of them into her. Seeing this, I told you.

"Okay, that's nothing.

'No, that's not right. Do you want to call me then?"

Manisha said what was on her mind. It was as if he was becoming addicted to the girl little by little. So she no longer objected, saying, "Okay, then tell me." Saying this, Priyabrata spreads the messy shawl over her chest with one hand. Her upper hand was placed on the girl's chest. As a result, the other bus passengers woke up and looked at them, but they could no longer see his handiwork, thus reassuring him. Seeing her movements, the girl smiled and looked at her loved one with fixed eyes. If you are so old now?

"How do you know?

'Why did you cover my chest with the shawl?' Manisha said with a hypocritically serious face,

Priyabrata opened the remaining details of her blouse and secretly said, do you have to ask Taema's permission even after this?

'No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no , no no no no

This increased the courage of the beloved. By this time, every detail of her blouse had become her game. Her chest is masculine, well shaped and well proportioned. Priyabrata gently pressed her breasts against her fists and began to gently press. Manisha didn't move her hand.

Rather, she whispered to herself in an emotional voice, "Loud, very good." Saying this, Manisha suddenly did something strange, sat up, lowered her lover's head and brought her lips to her hot lips. Manisha lifted her face to kiss. At that time Priyabrata knew her mind. So she pulled the shawl over her head and covered the rest of Manisha's upper body. Now, according to the revelation, you can't touch any part of her body. Manisha looked at the opinion of the woman who congratulated herself on Nishir's call. Beloved with a kind smile, like the smile of suddenly receiving something desired.

Here in this moving bus where all the passengers are fast asleep, in such an uplifting atmosphere of the incident, it is as if Manisha suddenly fell in love with him and hugged her beloved Manisha tighter. Manisha wants to give comfort of movement with the touch of her hand. Priyabrata with a sincere smile seemed to want to make him sleepy. As soon as Manisha lifted her face to kiss her, Priyabrata laid her down on the sixth seat and hugged her tightly.

Manisha thinks, this is her husband. Meanwhile, Priyabrata may have imagined his married wife, Anusuya, whom he wants at the moment but is not getting. And so wave two other minds in two bodies. Priyabrata looked at Manisha's face and said that she was now expecting a kiss on her hot lips.

Leaning on that short range of the beloved bus, Manisha lay down under her body, spread her body on her body, hugged her waist tightly, pressed Manisha's thighs and sari-covered lower abdomen, and in that situation, she was in the dark. , in the dark, in the dark Nobody wants to part with the prison until the taste buds. Manisha thinks, this is her husband Bijan, whom she wants to have physically but she can't for some reason. If two other minds are to be undulated into two bodies, their unsatisfied yearnings, which they have been unable to achieve for so long, now want to fill this momentary moment.

But they also know that the realization of all their aspirations cannot and will not be possible on this moving bus. But what you get is enough, and what you don't get, you have to drop the desires of the path altogether. After a long time, a look of happiness and satisfaction appeared in Manisha's eyes. And even more loved. Priyabrata first parted her lips from the juicy lips according to Manisha's orange chorus and said in a sweet tone with a calm and soft voice: 'Let go of me now.

'And a little more please', this time Manisha activated herself, she hugged her beloved neck with both hands and her lips were sucked between her lips. This time the suction is very fast, as if she wanted to suck every last drop of flavor in the kiss from the lips of her beloved. Then, as soon as she was completely exhausted, she parted ways with her beloved.

"How you feel?" Manisha asked looking at her beloved of hers with a smile.

Lips or kisses in your juices!'

'Both of them. Saying this, Priyabrata smiled. Hypocritically, she told her again, but even if the mind is full, the body remains incomplete.

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Stand still, the road is not over yet, there is still a long way to go. Every once in a while there is a chance something will happen, but not much. Since right now I can feed Taema Taema's most favorite thing. 'What is that, why stop?' Priyabrata said anxiously: “What is that? I can see that

"If you don't feel it, you have to understand it," Manisha said secretly, hiding her lover's head under her shawl and pressing it against her chest. Manisha's chest playing with her blouse. Although behind the shawl, Manisha's aim was fixed, she pressed her beloved's face into one of her desired breasts.

Yes, Manisha is very dear. Very fun to suck.

Men learn this habit from their mothers at birth. There is no milk in Manisha's breast, what happened? She has a habit of eating ra-cha at home, the taste of ra-cha is better. That kind of breast also has a very feminine smell, it feels good to the touch, it likes to dry, and when it sucks, it is like getting heavenly bliss. Priyabrata couldn't wait any longer, she took turns and started sucking on both of Manisha's breasts quite comfortably. Her lips turned red from the vibrating kiss and suction, Manisha's breast pressed harder against Priyabrata's face, rain fell on the suction. According to Kadam, the pair got prickly.

Ah, what a wonderful pair of books. Once separated, he became known as Priyabrata. 'Do you feel better?' Manisha asked.


I studied economics in college, talking about the law of diminution. Good things come to an end quickly when you play too much. And no, get up now, A. Your body is heavy!

This time one of the rear seat passengers woke up. Manisha pushes Priyabrata away hearing the sound of her grasping, 'Get up, someone must have woken up. Priyabrata quickly separated from Manisha and sat down. 'Sorry!' Manisha pressed her face and smiled. "Don't be sad, my dear, I'll pay you interest later."


Manisha gently pressed her beloved hand and said, "Yes, I swear!" The bus arrived at midnight and stopped at Malda. Stop here for a long time.

"Eat something?" Priyabrata asked.

"Whatever you ate, then you don't want to eat anything else." Manisha said with a mysterious smile, even after eating so much, Taema is still hungry. 'Where are you allowed to eat like this?' "She is Taema's disgrace," Manisha looked at the backseat and smiled meaningfully. It's not hard to understand what Manisha is trying to say. “Well, at least a cup of coffee?

It's not bad if it's cold, unless the body is a little warmer!

"Aren't you hot?" Manisha replied with a joke a little earlier, "Even after eating so hot, she is not hot." Manisha didn't stop cracking jokes either. Also, if she can warm up?

'When I get the chance, I see how I light a fire in you. Priyabrata said with a smile.

Before that, I will spread the fire on Taema.

No you can't do that, Priyabrata made a funny joke this time,

'Where is the naughty?

'Yes, of course! And one stick is enough, this field stick of mine can light your whole body on fire. does it burn?

'No no please Tamar', Manisha stops him and pleads, Lakshmi, don't sit here with Lankakanda, go to Siliguri, burn all the fire you want there, don't burn my body to ashes, why? I object in any way.


'Wow, I promised you that a while ago. Manisha says.

'Okay, I'm going to have a coffee then,

'Yes, then go.

After having a cup of coffee, Priyabrata started talking about Manisha's family for the first time, asking, “Who is in your house?

Husband and adopted son.

'Foster son?' Priyabrata asked a little surprised, 'Why, couldn't you reap the harvest of your married life?

“I am sorry to say that my husband is impotent, unable to be a father. "So, I understand? Priyabrata regrets, 'I'm sorry.

"No, no, why do you have to be sad?" In a sobbing voice, Manisha said, “This is my misfortune. And that's why I couldn't stand the fact that he found a good friend. We'll talk soon and keep up the good content. How is your married life?

My wife and I were happily married for a year with a three-year-old son, but God does not give all happiness together. If not, why not tell my wife that she will suddenly be paralyzed? After almost a year, I have no physical contact with my wife. And that's why today, suddenly having such sweet company from you, I've gotten a little careless.

'No, this is the religion of nature, this is what happens when men and women get together. You haven't done any of that. I believe that by going to Siliguri, I will be able to bring more satisfaction to my unfulfilled life. No husband, you will go up to my house. My son returns at eleven o'clock in the morning and I hope that he can return to Taema with full satisfaction before that time.

The rocket bus arrived in Siliguri in the morning. Without delay, Manisha Saeja took Priyabrata with her from the bus stop to her house on Hillcart Road. To return. At that time about nine houses were empty. Shanti, the working girl, has taken her son to school, she will be right back after eleven o'clock. Manisha thinks that these two hours, from nine to eleven, are the paradise of her union.

The two of them are in such a big house now. They quickly freshened up from the bathroom. Priyabrata came out of the bathroom and gently smiled, the winner smiled. And here, in this lonely house, it is as if Manisha's lover has suddenly fallen in love. Moving closer to him, she placed her hand on her broad chest, placed her hand on the muscle of her shoulder, and then hugged her neck. Priyabrata to Chaila to give comfort to the Bahat touch.

Priyabrata is smiling. Priyabrata with a hypocritical smile as if she was trying to knock him out. Manisha thinks, if her husband suddenly shows up right now, let them see them meet like this. She will no longer be afraid of an employee, she has now found the man on her mind. She promised Priyabrata. Manisha is eager to keep her word. It is as if Manisha is pulling Priyabrata towards her in such a way that her man is taking away her virginity.

Priyabrata said indistinctly, "What a beautiful book, Taema Manisha!" And this army of yours is no less beautiful, darling, twice the length and width of my husband, it is habitable for any girl.

The whole body of the beloved has become tense. a real Priyabrata man wants to find a suitable horn. Manisha's satisfaction is not very easy. So if she doesn't make you sleepy on her horns, she won't get mad just by touching the army stick. Bending her body a little, Priyabrata placed his face on the forehead of Manisha's chest at a place in the black spot of the congregation, licked her breasts, took some meat from her perky breasts and gently pressed them with his hands. teeth.

Manisha lifted her beloved head from one chest and carried it to the other chest and said, show it too! Manisha's breathing is light, her nostrils are swollen, she talks about herself, her soft bottom gets wet. Navel root of Manisha bulaelae priyabrata. Little by little, Manisha felt the heat in the lower part of her thighs and when she touched her hands, she stretched her thighs.

She said in an emotional voice, and you can't. To push her hips up and down again, Manisha is trying to pierce her triangle with her favorite military stick, pulling her from behind with both hands towards her cock. Priyabrata understands very well that Manisha's eyes and face are detailed in intense sexual intercourse, her nervous system is excited. In the moment of excitement, Priyabrata grabbed Manisha's waist with both hands and pulled him up. Manisha said excitedly, 'Aa'!

What a beautiful triangle Tayma Manisha.

Do you feel better? Stronger ....

But Priyabrata is not in a hurry, she is enjoying the passive Priyabrata with her eyes closed with the obsession that she will last a long time. Meanwhile, Manisha can no longer sit still. How shamelessly she said: "Oh, a little more, a little more..."

This time, when he became active, Priyabrata and before long, in the heat of him, Xerxes began to drip and drip into Manisha's body. They both get angry with each other. And the two exhausted bodies fell into that state for a while longer. Priyabrata went to the bathroom after being separated from Manisha, Manisha also followed him. He washes all the clothes and dirt from their union. He came out of the bathroom and looked at his favorite clock, it was half past ten. He said, 'It's time for your son to come back, let's go.'

'When will we meet again?' Manisha's eyes cast a shadow of longing.

'Why meet again, this is good for him, he smiled softly and said fondly, it's better when he sees the end of the road, isn't it?

Manisha shuddered and stared at the beloved on her way to him. What will he answer? At this moment, his whole body and mind are absorbed in happiness and memories of his beloved, she does not want to erase them by thinking of other things.



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