Sweet Girl's Naughty Groom - English Muslim Romantic Love Story

 Sweet Girl's Naughty Groom: English Muslim Romantic Love Story

--- Listen to this. (Oyster)
--- Um… (I)
--- Get up, it's time for prayers.
--- A little more 6.
--- This madman, get up, pray and go to sleep.
--- Umm.
--- Um what… ??? Get up guys .....
--- A little more 6.
--- What else?
--- Sleep.
--- If you do not get the church… Hey get up.
--- Sleep a little more ..
--- Wait, I've been calling you since when
I do not feel the body.
--- Sleep a little… ..
--- Hmm, sleep a lot.
He started whispering in my ear with the tip of his hair
Pagalita, if you can sleep so much torture 7.
--- A day off. 6 will let you sleep a little.
--- Pray and sleep as much as you want ..
--- I'm going to go, then I know how much sleep
There are 6. What happens if I don't pray one day?
--- If you don't pray one day, you will have a lot
The day will be in hell, and I don't want that,
I want to be in paradise with you… ..
6 has cried and cried.
I hugged the madwoman and said.
--- Sorry madness, this rubs your nose on your chest
I say I will never do that again, the prayers fall on time
Nib 6. I want to be in paradise with you too ..
Saying this, I gave him a sweet on my forehead
The words prove how crazy I am
Love., …… How scared I am to lose …….
--- It's been a long time, get up, let's take a quick bath
Go to the mosque, the congregation has half an hour,
It will take time to go… ..
--- Hmm, let's give a towel.
--- Take this.
I also went into the bathroom, the madman long ago
I got up, took a bath and got ready
Calling 6.
This is his regular job, he is ready to take a bath himself
He will sit next to my head, then his head
Pick her up on her lap, inserting her finger between her hair
Will caress and call with, I am his waist at that time
I hugged 6.
--- ঐ Babu's father, what happened to your bath…. ??? (Jhimuk)
--- Hmm, Babu's mother is doing ablution. (I)
--- Time is running out.
--- I have just arrived, Empress 7.
I took the towel from the bed and read,
Punjabi taught the madman himself, after that
My two legs while buttoning the Punjabi
I stood with my two legs on the leaves
I held the waist of the madman with both hands 7.
The oyster button is pressed and I face her face
I'm looking at 7.
What a magical look, the face is more to come with goals
Seems more holy and sinless.
--- Hey sir, the work is over, what do you see?
Whoa. ???
--- Not seven, not five, I have only one wife, her
Let's see.
--- You don't have to be so romantic, go to the mosque.
He took himself out saying ..
Seeing the way out, he said come now sir.
I also went to the mosque.
The oysters are up to the front door.
Saying goodbye, I stepped into the mosque 6.
I am Rashed, and he is my sweet wife oyster, job
According to the formula, I am separated from my family.
And we're still double, not triple
Babu's father and Babu's mother are the future, from now on
Practice is going on ..
I went to the mosque and prayed and walked a little
I took fresh air in the morning and returned home.
The oyster opened the door to give the bell, the two of them inside
Aslam, I went to the bedroom and went crazy
Stayed there… ..
I changed my Punjabi and put on a T-shirt.
When I came out, I saw oysters making breakfast in the kitchen
Doing 6.
I went from behind and hugged 7.
--- What's going on, guys just leave trouble at work
--- I put a sweet caress on his neck and said, where
I'm in trouble, I'm caressing my wife a little 7.
--- Now you don't have to caress, you don't sleep, go to sleep
A little more, I'll call you for breakfast.
--- No, I will not sleep, I will caress my sweet daughter again
I will help him in his work.
--- I don't need to help my "naughty groom"
You go to sleep, I make breakfast… .. if you have
And breakfast will not be made ..
--- Then let my "sweet wife" work and me
That's how I hold it from behind.
--- Why are you so romantic at seven in the morning, sir. ???
--- Seeing the sweet madman is my romance
Wake up and go… ..
--- Stay no longer do mischief, leave me to work
I do.
--- Tell me what to do, help 6.
--- Nothing to do, go to sleep 6. Too tired
There are 6.
--- Then I hold it like this.
--- No.
--- Either it doesn't work or it stays that way.
--- Well, take this onion, cut it 6.
I started cutting, too.
The madman may have thought I couldn't cut onions,
The onion juice will irritate the eyes, then we will go to the room,
But the madman doesn't know, after his sister's marriage
I was there to help my mother, from cooking
Let's start with everything ..
He has a habit of everything সূ ..
--- This is the last time you cut your onion.
--- What… !!
A little surprised, so fast to finish 6.
And the onion that I cut is just right
That also surprised the oysters.
--- You see, everything is just right
Cut 6.
--- I have learned to help my mother… ..
--- What else can my madness 7.
--- Your madman will cook and feed you
Can 6.
--- So I understand 6.
--- Hmmm
--- I wanted your onion juice
Eyes light up and go home to sleep.
--- But I'm a master of all 6. This time my remuneration is 6.
--- Yes, I understand. Close your eyes, when done
You have to pay the fee ..
But you do not look 6.
After that the two of them had breakfast hand in hand with the fee
I made and arranged it on the table 7.
--- Come on, I'll feed you today,
I put the oyster next to 6.
I told him to break the bread and fry it.
--- Aaaaa.
I put eggs and fry in his mouth to make oysters.
At the same time he was feeding me 7.
After eating, the two came home 6.
I leaned against the bed with a pillow,
The madwoman came and lay down on her chest.
That's how the two of them were talking. And I was planning
What will I do all day long ..
After a while Berob, the necessary market, after
I will go to the nursery to see if any new trees are coming
Well, he didn't tell you, our whole house
There are many flowering plants, like a mini garden, in a tub
Planted, there are always flowers on one or another tree,
And the house is small, fragrant with the smell of that ghul
There is also an aquarium, no colored fish in it ..
The oyster takes care of everything itself, all day long
Sitting on the verandah after returning from the office is a touch of nature
Pi 6.
One day a week he had to be taken to the nursery,
If you get a new tree, you have to buy it.
He also planted verandas and some fruit trees, including fruits
8. Fresh formalin antiseptic free fruit 6. In taste
Unparalleled in number… ..
The two of us left ready, finished shopping
I returned home as a nursery, two new trees today
Took 6.
The nursery next to the house, so it is quite good 6.
After arranging everything, I took a bath and got ready
I went to the mosque, today is Friday, the Hajj of the poor
After the prayers, he returned home and ate a little
Rest auction 6. I went out with the oysters, today
The two of us will go around a little, this is how we spend this holiday.
Sometimes, realizing the opportunity, I read the Asr prayer, more
I wandered around along the river bank for a while, the horse ended
I returned home before dusk, outside
Food is not allowed at all, so there is a desire
Not eating out, the only thing crazy, I care
I'll cook, and you're satisfied sitting in front of me
Eat it, I'll see it, and outside food
Not good for health.
And one more thing my wife's hand cooking but too
Well, like a real accountant ...
After returning home, he changed his clothes and performed ablution and went to the mosque
Dilam, the madwoman also performed ablution and prepared for the prayers,
If he does not pray, he will also pray 8. At the end of the prayers
When I got home, the madwoman was getting ready to cook.
Seeing that, I also entered the kitchen and hugged him
I gave a sweet to the madman's forehead.
--- Not being naughty again… ..
--- A little bit.
--- Not much seeing that I have a lot of work to do
Still no need to be naughty… ???
--- If I don't do it with you, who will I do mischief with?
--- So say all the time…. ???
--- I was doing pranks that morning, and now in between
I'm doing. ???
--- Stay, stay, I do not have to say, leave work 7.
--- I also help, if you match the world will be faster and 6.
--- And .. ???
--- Our love will be 6.
--- Why is our love light or…. ??
--- No.
--- Then he said that.
--Hey mad it will be darker 6.
--- Hmm so said 6.
--- Tell me what to do.
--- You cut these and I cook,
You cut how I cook 6.
- Yes, Empress, your order is supreme.
Saying that, I started to cut and went crazy
At that time he was cooking rice, his rice was mine
Cut to the end 6.
This time the oysters started cooking and I from behind
I held her stomach with my hands.
And I was mischievous, sometimes my hair was messy,
Sometimes I sniff by dipping my nose in my hair ...
After cooking, Esha puts everything on the table
Azan started, so he performed ablution towards the mosque
I left, I returned home after prayers 8. After eating
I finished the two 6. I went to the verandah chair
I sat down.
There are so many flowers coming in the Hasnahena tree
The mind-numbing fragrance is driving you crazy.
After a while I finished my handiwork with a mug of coffee
The porch is the real oyster, and it sits on my lap
Read ..
He took the mug in my hand and said, eat it yourself and me
Feed 6. He wrapped his arms around my neck.
I also grabbed her waist tightly with one hand
Once and for all, once the two of them are having coffee
And the beauty of the night and the soothing scent of flowers
Enjoying… .. and talking about Nanab… .. future
I'm planning.
I spent a lot of time sitting there, then at home
When I came, I lay down and the oyster sat in front of Aina
Began to dress, although at home all the time sejeguje
Tidy, especially when I'm at home
I live 8.
, Why do you ask at night?
My beauty is just for you to enjoy.
Not for anyone else.
In fact, Islam says so, the beauty of the wife
Only her husband will enjoy the marriage and no one else
Since then he has never been dressed like another man
I didn't see him go ahead without the screen, and when he went out
So the burqa will not come out without hijab.
Even if you go with me, you won't go in other clothes ..
This is the characteristic of my madness… .. which fascinates me
By 6.
I was lying on Facebook on my mobile, then
The madman came and went between my two hands,
Now I have to caress by mixing lips to lips
Time, keep the mobile and I bring my sixteen now
I will understand. He has been taking me all day now
Turn 6.
What else can I do? I hugged the madwoman
I want to mix it with my chest.
This is how our daily life begins with endless love
Through, and the end is a lot more caress
With love
Between which there is faith, trust, towards each other
Respect, which makes a relationship sweeter and stronger
Makes ..
These are essential for every relationship.
It would be foolish to imagine a relationship without them.
I pray to God for every relationship on earth
Be so sweet …… Amen.
================== Finished =================


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