Motivational story to change life

'Today' is the only truth

Long time ago. There was a time when motor vehicles had to start with a handle like the letter Z in English. It took a lot of hard work, energy and time to get the cars up and running. In other words, starting any car at the time was a matter of discussion.

A young man who was vice president of General Motors Research Corporation. He told his friends that cars could be started with a small key. But his friends laughed and blew his words away. And everyone who heard it said it was impossible to imagine. And he kept teasing his wayward imagination. He said: "It is not possible to start such a large motor vehicle with a small key." But today we know that it is possible. Now the car can be started with a small key, i.e. auto start.

How is this possible? Now let's talk about it.

His name is Charles Franklin Kettering. Briefly known as Charles F. Catering today. Who was able to achieve this impossible. When he dreamed of inventing the automatic car starter. So he needed a lot of time and hard work to fulfill this dream. He was forced to resign from his job. He also needs money for any research. He lacked money because he didn't have a job. His bank balance was running out. In a moment, everything was gone. Even then, Charles Catering was not successful. One attempt after another seemed to fail. He needed more money to continue the investigation. Disappointed, he stops working or keeps working. He began by selling deposits of land, jewelry, etc. In a moment they were all gone. The last resort was the ancestral estate and the house. The ancestral property was never returned to him, so he sold the house. He built a hut on the side of the field and lived with his wife and children.

He became so engrossed in deep research that he distanced himself from relatives and friends. Besides that, friends, relatives, everyone told his wife why she accepts such madness. Do children have no future?

But his wife said that they were suffering, but that the catering man himself was working so hard to look at his own body, that was what bothered him the most. In other words, his wife is supporting her husband's work, her perseverance.

Motivational story to change life
Despite all this, Charles Catering was convinced that one day it would be successful. After many years, his dream finally came true. The day he showed Self Start, everyone was shocked. People from all over the motor industry began to buy the technique from him and he became the owner of a lot of money.

All the world famous newspapers and magazines surrounded him and wanted to know the reason for his success. What is the source of your patience? ”

To answer this, the vendor took the reporter into his lazy room, showed him a small stone in the middle of everything in the room, and said, "This is the source of my success."

It turned out that there was a small word "Aaj" written on the stone. "This is the source of my success," she said. Because yesterday brings despair in people's lives, tomorrow brings laziness. So today is the only truth. And so look, today I am successful. ”

So folks, here are some lessons we can learn from this story:
1. Those who live with 'today' are successful.
2. All the work in the world is done today.
3. So saving the present is the key to success.
4. Now or never.
5. Every time is valuable. Therefore, time must be used correctly.


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