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Life is so romantic " - Romantic Love Story

 Life is so romantic " - Romantic Love Story 1 | Suddenly I woke up to a tickle near my nose Gone. I opened my eyes and saw my face with blue wet hair Leaning up. And waking me up with hair Trying. I hugged Neelu in my sleep. Neelu took a bath and wore a green sari. I am Nilur I looked at the face and a few quiet moments passed. Neelu smiled with a deep toll on her sweet cheeks. Neelu caressed Billy with her finger on my chest Said the throat. _ How did the king sleep? _ Where to sleep, if you break the sleep? _ You slept a lot! Get me up to make breakfast Help? _ Do you cook alone today? I feel very tired. _ You don't know. I was out of breath in the kitchen alone. _ If you do not cook today? _ If you don't cook, will you eat, maharaja? _ Is love less in my queen's treasure of love? Neelu presses her finger to my lips and says. _ Don't try to be naughty. Lots of mischief all night You did. ,, Hypocritical anger in Nilu's eyes. If possible, burn with eyes Will

Sweet Girl's Naughty Groom - English Muslim Romantic Love Story

 Sweet Girl's Naughty Groom: English Muslim Romantic Love Story --- Listen to this. (Oyster) --- Um… (I) --- Get up, it's time for prayers. --- A little more 6. --- This madman, get up, pray and go to sleep. --- Umm. --- Um what… ??? Get up guys ..... --- A little more 6. --- What else? --- Sleep. --- If you do not get the church… Hey get up. --- Sleep a little more .. --- Wait, I've been calling you since when I do not feel the body. --- Sleep a little… .. --- Hmm, sleep a lot. He started whispering in my ear with the tip of his hair Pagalita, if you can sleep so much torture 7. --- A day off. 6 will let you sleep a little. --- Pray and sleep as much as you want .. --- I'm going to go, then I know how much sleep There are 6. What happens if I don't pray one day? --- If you don't pray one day, you will have a lot The day will be in hell, and I don't want that, I want to be in paradise with you… .. 6 has cried and cried. I hugged the madwoman and said. --- So