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Motivational story to change life

'Today' is the only truth Long time ago. There was a time when motor vehicles had to start with a handle like the letter Z in English. It took a lot of hard work, energy and time to get the cars up and running. In other words, starting any car at the time was a matter of discussion. A young man who was vice president of General Motors Research Corporation. He told his friends that cars could be started with a small key. But his friends laughed and blew his words away. And everyone who heard it said it was impossible to imagine. And he kept teasing his wayward imagination. He said: "It is not possible to start such a large motor vehicle with a small key." But today we know that it is possible. Now the car can be started with a small key, i.e. auto start. How is this possible? Now let's talk about it. His name is Charles Franklin Kettering. Briefly known as Charles F. Catering today. Who was able to achieve this impossible. When he dreamed of inventing the automatic

Romantic Love stories Reading (Today's story - secret)

Today's story - secret It is very important to reach Siliguri tomorrow on a business related matter. But when he arrived at the long-distance bus stop on the Esplanade, he discovered that there was not a single empty seat on the last rocket bus to Siliguri, and there were only five minutes left before the last rocket bus left. If Priyabrata sits with his head in his hands, he will miss out on the new contract. I walk now! At that very moment, a beautiful twenty-four or twenty-five-year-old young woman appeared in the role of savior. When the girl arrived in front of the ticket return counter, she went to work and said, "Look, my name is Manisha Majumder. My husband Deepak is stuck here on urgent business and he can't go to Siliguri." So she has to get the ticket back from her. Last minute ticket refund? When the reservation clerk Ramen Khastgir hesitated a bit, he suddenly looked at the counter as soon as he remembered Priyabrata. Seeing Priyabrata, he shouted, “Sir,

Life is so romantic " - Romantic Love Story

 Life is so romantic " - Romantic Love Story 1 | Suddenly I woke up to a tickle near my nose Gone. I opened my eyes and saw my face with blue wet hair Leaning up. And waking me up with hair Trying. I hugged Neelu in my sleep. Neelu took a bath and wore a green sari. I am Nilur I looked at the face and a few quiet moments passed. Neelu smiled with a deep toll on her sweet cheeks. Neelu caressed Billy with her finger on my chest Said the throat. _ How did the king sleep? _ Where to sleep, if you break the sleep? _ You slept a lot! Get me up to make breakfast Help? _ Do you cook alone today? I feel very tired. _ You don't know. I was out of breath in the kitchen alone. _ If you do not cook today? _ If you don't cook, will you eat, maharaja? _ Is love less in my queen's treasure of love? Neelu presses her finger to my lips and says. _ Don't try to be naughty. Lots of mischief all night You did. ,, Hypocritical anger in Nilu's eyes. If possible, burn with eyes Will

Sweet Girl's Naughty Groom - English Muslim Romantic Love Story

 Sweet Girl's Naughty Groom: English Muslim Romantic Love Story --- Listen to this. (Oyster) --- Um… (I) --- Get up, it's time for prayers. --- A little more 6. --- This madman, get up, pray and go to sleep. --- Umm. --- Um what… ??? Get up guys ..... --- A little more 6. --- What else? --- Sleep. --- If you do not get the church… Hey get up. --- Sleep a little more .. --- Wait, I've been calling you since when I do not feel the body. --- Sleep a little… .. --- Hmm, sleep a lot. He started whispering in my ear with the tip of his hair Pagalita, if you can sleep so much torture 7. --- A day off. 6 will let you sleep a little. --- Pray and sleep as much as you want .. --- I'm going to go, then I know how much sleep There are 6. What happens if I don't pray one day? --- If you don't pray one day, you will have a lot The day will be in hell, and I don't want that, I want to be in paradise with you… .. 6 has cried and cried. I hugged the madwoman and said. --- So