Life is so romantic " - Romantic Love Story

 Life is so romantic " - Romantic Love Story

1 |
Suddenly I woke up to a tickle near my nose
Gone. I opened my eyes and saw my face with blue wet hair
Leaning up. And waking me up with hair
Trying. I hugged Neelu in my sleep.
Neelu took a bath and wore a green sari. I am Nilur
I looked at the face and a few quiet moments passed.
Neelu smiled with a deep toll on her sweet cheeks.
Neelu caressed Billy with her finger on my chest
Said the throat.
_ How did the king sleep?
_ Where to sleep, if you break the sleep?
_ You slept a lot! Get me up to make breakfast
_ Do you cook alone today? I feel very tired.
_ You don't know. I was out of breath in the kitchen alone.
_ If you do not cook today?
_ If you don't cook, will you eat, maharaja?
_ Is love less in my queen's treasure of love?
Neelu presses her finger to my lips and says.
_ Don't try to be naughty. Lots of mischief all night
You did.
Hypocritical anger in Nilu's eyes. If possible, burn with eyes
Will give. Seeing this anger leaves the bed even on the condition of not wanting to
I got up and went to be fresh. Help cook this crazy money
Means to do. She will cook and her from behind me
Hold the waist. Or husband and wife
Sometimes love grows. Holding the waist. If
Adding salt and pepper to the cooking is a little sideways. Then the face of Bengal is five
Will make a jhamata. But be careful not to touch the waist
Does not move. If the hand slips in the wrong order, then the pickaxe
The quarrel will be like that in front of the face.
_ I do not understand the desire to love. How will
If there is such a beautiful colleague next to her, then she is a wife
I will not remember it. Does the mind just fly away? Wings
I will cut and put it at home, huh? Don't have power in hand? Tightens
Hold on. I will lift my eyes with a peg! Wife
Leaving and looking around. Remember what I said?
_ Then why are you still silent? Hold on.
I hugged her waist again like innocent Balak.
I know my crazy boy is in the middle of these fights
Love is hidden.
2 |
I came out of the bathroom and saw it hanging on the blue wall
Looking at the picture of our wedding. I'm back
I secretly pressed my feet and picked up Nilu in my lap
He kissed me like a ghost and hugged my neck.
_ What's the matter, today the love for the wife is rising
I think so.
_ "You know I haven't seen so many colors of clouds yet. However
I saw you, really in those blue clouds of the sky.
To walk around as a cloud girl. "
Neelu looked at my face and smiled at that famous smile
Gave. I'm looking at that smile with fascination.
I know this girl cries when she says anything else
Will give. This girl cries happily. Nilur
Tears are flowing. It starts to rain at any moment
Can I said nothing more and hugged Neelu
Take me to the kitchen.
Neelu is cooking like every day and I am from behind
I am hugging Nilu's waist.
3 |
Nice hot rice, potatoes on two plates facing each other at the breakfast table
Mash, dowel and small fish curry. In the bowl of the dowel
Inverted spoon. The smoke of hot rice is flying. Mind boggling-
Pathal heavenly environment. Both of them are in someone's eyes
I can't look. Suddenly Neelu came up and bowed his head to me
After sitting next to him. I know this means sitting up now
I have to feed him. And Nilu dabbed dabbling eyes
Will look at me Leaving the crazy money alone at home
Do not want to go to the office. As long as I stay at home
Will be coated with. Sweating after returning from the office
The wet body will hold on for a long time. Then suddenly
With the jhamata who will tell you who will pass.
_ It's too much, now leave the mood and come fresh,
I put it on my head with a lai. From the office
Then he has to hug his wife. All these styles are mine
Don't put up with it!
With one breath, he will bend his face and cut his face and leave.
I just smiled then. This madman doesn't understand me at all
Doesn't want to give that she loves me so much.
4 |
I am lying at night and Neelu puts his head on my chest and blows his nose
Tickling my throat. And a little moon through the window
Light is falling on Nilu's face. I am towards Nilu
I'm looking.
That wrinkle on the eyebrows, what caress and what enchanted lips
That sesame in the corner. Her random silk silk hair,
Innocent dagger two eyes. Nilu's impeccably beautiful lips
One arrogance. All the simplicity of one world in two eyes. Suddenly blue
Says the haughty throat.
_ I try to quarrel with you so much. Why you
Don't argue with me?
_ From small quarrels to value arrogance begins. Gently
Gently this small quarrel will create a big quarrel.
You want me to apologize to you first and I want to
I want you to apologize to me. It is between us
The distance will increase, not love. Let everyone see us.
Ah what a beautiful sweet their love.
I noticed that my chest was slowly in Nilu's eyes
Getting wet in the water. I know it's a cry of happiness. The girl
I can't stand too much happiness. I hugged tightly
I caught it. Life is so romantic.


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