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Deconstruction is a philosophical movement and a proposition of erudite review that questions traditional hypotheticals about certainty, identity, and verity; Says that words can only relate to other words; And attempts to demonstrate how statements about any textbook distort their own meaning"In deconstruction, critics claim that no meaning can be plant in the factual textbook, but only a'virtual textbook'created by compendiums of different, frequently connected, textbooks."Their hunt for plutocrat" (Rebecca Goldstein).  According to Derrida, deconstruction generally works by performing textbook readings to show that the textbook isn't an insulated total, but rather contains colorful antithetical and incoherent meanings. This process easily shows that a textbook has multiple interpretations; The textbook itself integrates these interpretations; That the inconsistency of these interpretations is inflexible; And therefore that explicatory textbook can not go b