How to Make a Tree.Bat file for Auto Refresh Windows

Suppose your "Hard Drive" has 4 partitions named C:, D:, E:, F: Make all those drive faster by refreshing them with a single click. We generally use the F5 button to refresh our computer, but it is a slow process. When we work on our computer it has to make many temporary files that stored in our drives somewhere. By refreshing your drive you can remove those paths and make your drive perform faster. Some cache files and other types of unnecessary files cause our computer slow, By refreshing the computer, it can be solved and make the hard drive run faster. In this tutorial, I will share with you how to make a tree.Bat file for auto-refreshing your computer. The text for Tree.Bat: echo off cd/ tree c: tree d: tree e: tree f: tree g: tree h: How to make a tree for Windows [Tutorial] Today we'll make our own single click full refresh button and will make our computer faster. 1. First you have to open your "Notepad" from your desktop and do a simple trick into your


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WBCS Syllabus Pdf Download

The WBCS 2020 syllabus is discussed below. The West Bengal Public Service Commission will conduct the West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) examination. Candidates who have applied for the West Bengal Civil Service Examination can consult the WBCS syllabus on this page. Find all the details here and download the WBCS syllabus. Learn about upcoming events as well as official announcements about the WBCS curriculum. See all details about the WBCS curriculum on this page to help you prepare well for the WBCS exam. WBPCS Preliminary Examination was held at various centers in West Bengal districts. Darjeeling can be chosen as the center only by the candidates belonging to the Darjeeling district and three mountain divisions: Darjeeling Sadar, Mirik, and Kursiang. The WBCS Prelims syllabus has eight subjects/themes. There are 200 (MCQ) here. Each subject is awarded 25 points. The duration of the test is 2.5 hours. Preliminary is not just a selection test and your grade is considered for the final

Best Free Medical Books - With Pdf Download Link

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Best Programming Books of All-time

We collect 5 Best Programming Books of All-time that you can buy to learn programming languages. We provide direct buy links to buy all programming books easily. We also discuss short into of these programming books.  5 Best Programming Books of All-time #01 Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming Paperback – May 3, 2019 by Eric Matthes  (Author) Price: $17.00 Review:  Python Crash Course - The world's best-selling guide for the Python programming language In this quick, thorough introduction to programming with Python, you need to write programs, solve problems, and create things that don't work over time. In the first half of the book, you will learn basic programming concepts such as variables, lists, classes and loops and practice writing clean code with practice for each subject. You will also learn how to make your programs interactive and securely test your code before adding them to a project. In the second half, you'

Life is so romantic " - Romantic Love Story

 Life is so romantic " - Romantic Love Story 1 | Suddenly I woke up to a tickle near my nose Gone. I opened my eyes and saw my face with blue wet hair Leaning up. And waking me up with hair Trying. I hugged Neelu in my sleep. Neelu took a bath and wore a green sari. I am Nilur I looked at the face and a few quiet moments passed. Neelu smiled with a deep toll on her sweet cheeks. Neelu caressed Billy with her finger on my chest Said the throat. _ How did the king sleep? _ Where to sleep, if you break the sleep? _ You slept a lot! Get me up to make breakfast Help? _ Do you cook alone today? I feel very tired. _ You don't know. I was out of breath in the kitchen alone. _ If you do not cook today? _ If you don't cook, will you eat, maharaja? _ Is love less in my queen's treasure of love? Neelu presses her finger to my lips and says. _ Don't try to be naughty. Lots of mischief all night You did. ,, Hypocritical anger in Nilu's eyes. If possible, burn with eyes Will

Sweet Girl's Naughty Groom - English Muslim Romantic Love Story

 Sweet Girl's Naughty Groom: English Muslim Romantic Love Story --- Listen to this. (Oyster) --- Um… (I) --- Get up, it's time for prayers. --- A little more 6. --- This madman, get up, pray and go to sleep. --- Umm. --- Um what… ??? Get up guys ..... --- A little more 6. --- What else? --- Sleep. --- If you do not get the church… Hey get up. --- Sleep a little more .. --- Wait, I've been calling you since when I do not feel the body. --- Sleep a little… .. --- Hmm, sleep a lot. He started whispering in my ear with the tip of his hair Pagalita, if you can sleep so much torture 7. --- A day off. 6 will let you sleep a little. --- Pray and sleep as much as you want .. --- I'm going to go, then I know how much sleep There are 6. What happens if I don't pray one day? --- If you don't pray one day, you will have a lot The day will be in hell, and I don't want that, I want to be in paradise with you… .. 6 has cried and cried. I hugged the madwoman and said. --- So