Sir Roger's Character

Sir Roger is spontaneously identified by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele in Coverley's essays. Sir Roger is portrayed in these articles as a kind, generous, loving, and sometimes caring person. However, the character of Sir Roger is ridiculously transmitted by Joseph Addison. That's why he seems strange at times. Although he is gentle and gentle by nature and kind to people, he has some worries and jokes. And all of these things are brilliantly described in these articles. However, these things are given below:

Humanity: Sir Roger Humanity is a man and has a great heart. Also, he is soft. He loves not only his servants but also those around him. In the article "Sir Roger of the Church" we see that he asked about the condition of the people who were absent from the church. He suggests that he is very caring and generous for which he is extremely aware of others. In "Sir Roger at Home" we see that his servants love him because of his love for those who live with him and grow up with him as family members. Addison says "Sir Roger at home."

I feel more comfortable in Sir Roger's family because it consists of calm and serious people; Since Knight is the best master in the world, he has seldom changed servants; And how everyone around him loves him.

Religion lover: He is a true lover of religion. He is a regular church traveler and encourages others to come to church as well. His mind is set for religious purposes and he does a lot for religion. In the article "Sir Roger of the Church" we see that he has decorated and decorated the church at his own will and at his own expense so that the people of the country are encouraged to come to the church with enthusiasm. In this article he says:

My friend sir Roger, being a good churchman, has beautified the inside of his church with several texts of his own choosing. He has likewise given a handsome pulpit-cloth, and railed in the communion-table at his own expense.

His hospitality: After receiving an invitation from Sir Roger, the writer went to his (Sir Roger's) country home. His hospitality here draws the reader's attention. Here we see that he was very hospitable and tried his best to please his friend. He even told people around his house not to come to Addison because Addison would be upset. Addison was told to stay at his home without hesitation for any work.

Authority: Sir Roger has authority in both the home and the church. In the church, we see that he has maintained his authoritarian power. In the article "Sir Roger at Church" the author says:
As Sir Roger is landlord to the whole congregation, he keeps them in good order, and will suffer no body to sleep in it. 
Even if you see someone walking, whether in the middle of the congregation or not, you walk that person through the wall or send your servants to be alert. In addition, he hired church priests on his own account and advised them to follow the instructions of various teachers for advice.

Expert Organizer: Sir Roger is an expert organizer. He organized not only his home, but also the church. He has a great idea for organizing things. The church is beautifully decorated. He encourages people to come to church, he prepares for the church and he keeps the church very well and disciplined. In all of this he suggests that he be an efficient organizer. Addison says of Sir Roger in "Sir Roger at Church,"
He has often told me , that, at his coming to his estate he found his parishioners very irregular; and that in order to make them kneel and john in the responses, he gave every one of them a hassock and a common-prayer book.
His Responsibilities: Sir Roger, as the owner of all the churches, felt personally responsible for their conduct and exercised his authority to maintain their discipline. Didn't let anyone sleep. If he was asleep in the sermon, he would look around when he woke up and if he was found asleep he would wake him up immediately. He even stood up in the middle of the congregation and began counting the people to see if anyone was missing. Addison says:
Sometimes stands up when every body else is upon their knees, to count the congregation, or see if any of his tenants are missing.
His novelty: Sir Roger can be considered as emerging at least a little bit. In almost all the articles on him we find his full expression. In the article "Sir Roger at Church" you see his novelty so that he exercised his authority. He wanted his tenants to be well towards the church. They should not sleep or make noise during church services, but he did it himself. Sometimes when everyone was on their knees, he would get up.
Comedian: Sir Roger is a comedian. We find ridiculous expressions in most "coverly" articles. His stimulus can't help but make us laugh. She is always smiling at the ways she does her daily work. Sometimes his faults and sometimes his impulses are humorously expressed in humorous essays. Addison says "Sir Roger at home,"
I have observed in several of my papers, that my friend Sir Roger, amidst all his good qualities, is something of a humorist.
In short, it can be said that despite being a great respected person, Sir Roger is considered to be a comedian and sometimes insane for having some weirdness or weirdness in him. However, Addison's ultimate goal was not to show his humorous expression for the fun of laughter, but to make up for our insanity and irrationality. But Mr. Spectator's main purpose was to reform society, to reform every corner of life by introducing the character of Sir Roger.


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