Free Computer Science Courses Online

Free Computer Science Courses Online

If you are looking for online computer classes to advance your career, we offer free courses from the best universities for all students from all over the world:

  • Basic Concepts of Operating Systems & System Programming –YouTube – Ion Stoica, Anthony Joseph, UC Berkeley
  • Building Dynamic Free Sites – iTunesVideo & Audio – David Malan, Harvard Extension
  • Building Mobile Applications – iTunesWeb Site – David M
  • alan, Harvard Extension
  • Codecademy – Web Site
  • Coding Together: Apps for iPhone and iPad (2012) – iTunes – Paul Hegarty, Stanford
  • Coding Together: Apps for iPhone and iPad (2013) – iTunes – Paul Hegarty, Stanford
  • CS50, Harvard’s Introductory Computer Science Course –YouTubeWeb Site iTunes – David Malan, Harvard
  • Developing Apps for iOS (iPhone & iPad) – iTunes Video – Paul Hegarty, Stanford
  • Intensive Introduction to Computer Science Using C, PHP, and JavaScript – YouTubeiTunes – David Malan, Harvard
  • Introduction to Algorithms – iTunesYouTubeWeb Site – Prof. Charles Leiserson & Erik Demaine, MIT
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics & GPU Programming –iTunes Video – Eric Chan & Hanspeter Pfister, Harvard
  • Mathematics for Computer Science – Web Video – Tom Leighton, MIT
  • Principles of Computing – Web Site – Carnegie Mellon
  • Programming Languages and Compilers – YouTubeWeb Site – Ras Bodik, UC Berkeley
  • Python – YouTube – Nick Parlante, Google
  • The Beauty and Joy of Computing – YouTube – Brian Harvey, UC Berkeley
  • Understanding Computers and the Internet – Web Site – David Malan, Harvard University
  • XML with Java – iTunesWeb Site – David Malan, Harvard


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