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Sir Roger's Character

Sir Roger is spontaneously identified by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele in Coverley's essays. Sir Roger is portrayed in these articles as a kind, generous, loving, and sometimes caring person. However, the character of Sir Roger is ridiculously transmitted by Joseph Addison. That's why he seems strange at times. Although he is gentle and gentle by nature and kind to people, he has some worries and jokes. And all of these things are brilliantly described in these articles. However, these things are given below: Humanity: Sir Roger Humanity is a man and has a great heart. Also, he is soft. He loves not only his servants but also those around him. In the article "Sir Roger of the Church" we see that he asked about the condition of the people who were absent from the church. He suggests that he is very caring and generous for which he is extremely aware of others. In "Sir Roger at Home" we see that his servants love him because of his love for those who live