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Benefits of eating honey in the morning

Benefits of eating honey in the morning:- Almost everyone knows about the variety of high quality medicinal liquid ‘honey’. But is this herbal medicine important to today's young generation? Sweet food ingredients are very important to nourish life. Honey plays weight loss every day. Especially in the morning, when lemon juice and honey are mixed with mild hot water on the yeast leaves, it helps to lose weight in a few days. Also clean the liver. Honey can increase the body's resistance to disease. Because honey is rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes that protect the body from various diseases. Also, drinking a teaspoon of honey every morning reduces the problem of cold, cough, cough etc. By mixing cinnamon powder with honey, it removes blood vessel problems and reduces the amount of blood cholesterol by 10 percent. This mixture of honey and cinnamon regularly reduces the risk of heart attack. To overcome the digestive problem, you can practice eating honey every morning. Ho

TEACHER CERTIFICATION – Between Working on Wetlands and Working on Professionalism

Once upon a time at a Subject Teachers Consultative Meeting (MGMP) held at the district level, several teachers of subject X were present who, on average, had not been 'certified' while the speakers at the meeting were senior teachers and supervisors, almost all of whom held the title of 'certified teacher'. '. In short, after one of the presenters presented the MGMP material using Power Point (PPt), a participant approached the speaker during the break session. This participant had a conversation with the presenter about how to make an interesting PPt to be displayed during a presentation. He showed an example of a PPt design that he had to the presenter and suddenly the presenter said, “Wow, how can you make all those writings move (animate) on the slides? Can you teach me how to make it?” With a smile, this participant gave practical steps on how to design an attractive PPt. This story reminds me of how the quality and capability of a certified teacher is compare