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Best Personal Development Books

 Disclosure: This post may contain authorized links. I get you a small commission-free of charge when you make a purchase using my link. Personal development is the new self-help. It's much better. If you are looking for the best personal development books, you may be wondering how you survived so long, read on! These are my favorite personal development books on the planet and I think you'll love them too. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear The first Elizabeth Gilbert book in my self-love journey. Big Magic is talking to you like he’s your wise old friend who wants nothing more than to add some more air under your wings. Over the years, my biggest obstacle and obstacle to my creativity has been my fear of justice. Elizabeth's book embraces the loving arms around her and allows me to share all my creativity with the world because nothing is perfect. Ever. ::::: BUY THIS BOOK ::::: Rising Strong I started listening to Brian Brown's Rising Strong (my second book on he